Monday, July 07, 2008

Well we had a fun Christmas gathering, I am just now getting around to getting in. My husband and I are going on the road again, so off to the hills we go. I think we are all busy in our lives, but we must take time to look around and find the fun in what is going on beyond us. I am personally growing in the Spirit, so God is allowing me to see the fun and funny in the world we live in, even though there are so many bad and rough things going on, life is still savored while we have it. I am working on making me happy, through Christ, and am finding it to be a very fun and enjoyable experience. Since this is my second blog spot I may repeat myself sometimes, so hang on to your hats and jump on the train, be prepared for whatever is around the bend. Between Family , friends and the strangers I get to meet we may be able to write a pretty fun book here. Anyone who wants to join in come on in and comment.
If you know of anyone else in the family(including all good friends too) that might want to join in, give them this address and this could get interesting. See you all in comments, and don't be surprised if your comment get shown on the posts. Love to you all and may God give you all peace.
(Got this from Heather's family mission to Ecuador)